group overview

We at Rollz Material Handling Systems consider quality as the basic foundation for long term profitability and growth. We strive to remain the top choice of our customers as integrated systems suppliers for bulk solids material handling process.

The aim of Rollz Material Handling Systems is to make available the finest quality of products within the reach of the customers, while making the products of the company a profitable investment for the customers in their business ventures. RMHS has managed to create a benchmark standard nationally and globally because of its quality products and the customers of RMHS perfectly know what exactly they get in return while select to purchase the products from RMHS. RMHS has successfully proved the standards of their products with its strength of flexibility to cater the specific demands and needs of the customers according to the changing trends of the market. RHMS consider quality as the main  priority for all the aspects and strive to meet the demands and expectations of customers with proficiency and prominence.

Rollz Material Handling Systems strive to improve the quality so as to meet the excellence and to ensure profitability to its customers. RMHS constantly maintain the quality of their products from the very beginning of the production process till it is delivered to the end users. They carry out all the standards throughout the process. They believe in monitoring the quality of products at all the levels of procurement, production and delivery, thus the company ensures to produce finished products and make sure the same reaches to the end users with highest standards of quality.

All levels of management in Rollz Material Handling Systems are completely dedicated towards implementing effective Quality Management System and continuously strive to enhance the quality of products and services. With the supports of suppliers and Dealers Network, RMHS manages to deliver cost-effective solutions and products to its  end customers for hassle-free material handling operations nationally and globally. The quality objectives of the company are reviewed periodically so as to encourage the dedicated employees to implement modern technologies that will help to secure cost efficiency and sharing the growth of the company. Rollz Material Handling Systems are dedicated to implement continual improvement in quality by using Lean practices.

The quality strategies and policies are timely reviews by the top managements to make sure about their continual suitability to aid the growth of the company and increase the capability to respond to latest market trend. The strategies and policies of Quality are communicated within the organization that helps us and our employees to deliver quality products always.